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19 Jun Blog#15  Happy Father's Day!
Ritianne 0 134
Father’s Day reminds us about the importance and the challenges of fatherhood. A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow. To all the wonderful fathers who have touched the lives of many people, be it their own kids, somebody else..
28 May Blog#14  Taking your baby bump for a swim!
Ritianne 0 127
It is no secret that the best way to beat the heat is to spend your days in a swimming pool or enjoying one of our great beaches around the island. Swimming is the perfect exercise while pregnant. Keeping fit during pregnancy helps reduce the risks o..
14 May Blog#13  Preparing fresh baby food without leaving your house!
Ritianne 0 134
During the first 6 months, all baby's nutritional needs are covered with breast milk or formula. From 6 months onwards, you can start introducing different foods to your little ones. Weaning is a very exciting milestone for your little ones! Investin..
08 May Blog#12  Happy Mother's Day
admin 0 690
Being a mother is surely the most rewarding job there is. Our mothers are the ones who raise us, teach us right from wrong and provide support every step of the way. Being a mother is possibly the toughest job in the world, wish is why Mother's Day i..
14 Apr Blog#11  Introducing the new 2021 collection by Hauck
Ritianne 0 249
The new 2021 collection from Hauck is here and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you some of their great products from this new collection. This collection is for everyone! Hauck have been making babies and their parents happy for more than 9..
07 Apr Blog#10  Discover KioKids
Ritianne 0 265
We’ve got news - Kio Kids is now in Malta! KioKids is a Spanish brand with years of experience in the baby industry. All the toys, accessories and products are specially designed to adapt for today’s parents and babies while ensuring maximum quality ..
01 Apr Blog#09  Meet our new friends from Nattou!
Ritianne 1 256
Meet our new friends! Loved by millions of parents around the world, the brand Nattou surely does not need an introduction. Nattou have been designing and producing their products in Belgium since 1988. All of their products are made of the softest a..
15 Jan Blog#08  Investing in a Baby Nest
Ritianne 0 383
Baby nests or as many people call them: baby pods or baby cocoons are a mattress with raised sides offering a narrow and cosy sleeping environment for your little one. By time, Baby Nests are becoming super popular as they are portable, practical for..
26 Oct Blog#07  Teething Babies
Ritianne 0 245
Like your little one's first steps, teething is another important milestone. Your baby's teeth are important for solid foods, to learn to talk and more. Teething can be a very frustrating phase for you and your little one! Most babies' teeth will beg..
15 Oct Blog#06  Keeping your home safe for your little one!
kim 0 750
You can't wait for your baby to sit up, crawl and run, but don’t forget those milestones bring a whole lot of safety challenges as well. Nearly everything we adults take for granted in our home, is a safety hazard for you little adventurer! 1. Safety..
13 Mar Blog#05  Important Notice - Please Read!
Ritianne 0 1121
Dear All,In view of the current Covid-19 situation, we feel that it is necessary to take preventive measures to safeguard the wellbeing of our customers, our employees and our family.Our shop shall be temporarily CLOSED until further notice. Online o..
25 Jan Blog#04  Introducing the Hauck Saturn R Travel System
Ritianne 0 831
Introducing the Hauck Saturn R Travel SystemThe award-winner Saturn R by Hauck has been given a modern and elegant style and designed to offer the optimum comfort for new parents. Supplied with a carrycot and (optional car seat), this travel system w..
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