Pillows play a very important role during pregnancy and investing in a good maternity and nursing pillow has many benefits! Many pregnant mothers ask themselves whether a maternity pillow is required. The answer is YES! It is definitely one of the must-have items for an expectant mother to have. There are so many different types of pillows to choose from. There are different sizes for the pillows, so if you plan to use it while pregnant, you may want to get a bigger sized pillow. This ensures that you will be able to use it for a long time. 

Here are 5 Reasons why you should invest in a Maternity & Nursing Pillow

  1. It gives you the proper support: 

As the baby grows inside you, the belly extends, shifting the centre of gravity. This effects your joints and puts pressure on your back and hips, effecting almost every part of your body. In this case, just lying down for a while might not help. However, if you lie down hugging your pregnancy pillow,  this position reduces the pain and discomfort. 

A maternity and nursing pillow can also be useful for new mothers who had a C-section, as in this case the recovery may be longer. These pillows will be perfect to protect mothers from baby’s kicks or uncomfortable movements which would accidentally hit the stitches. 

Pillows like the Nursing Roll from Theraline, are worn around the arm and help little ones find a comfortable and secure hold when breastfeeding or when being carried. Depending on the requirements, these types of pillows either support the parent’s arm or provide a soft surface for babies to lie on. 

  1. It helps you sleep better:

If you are pregnant, it is best that when lying down, you turn to the side (preferably left side) and place the pillow beneath your tummy as this helps to support your growing belly, legs, spine, shoulders and neck. Theraline’s Original Pillow and Plushy Moon Pillows are filled with sand-fine micro-beads which provide the required relief and support for a comfortable sleep. Thanks to these micro-beads, these pillows can also be used to support the back when sitting. 

  1. It reduces pregnancy related swelling:

Swelling of the feet during pregnancy is very common, especially in the third trimester. Apart from using Maternea’s Cooling Gel for Legs to relieve tension and reduce discomfort. That is where the Theraline maternity pillows come in handy. Thanks to the micro-beads which give the pillows their flexibility, they allow you to give them any shape such as placing them beneath your legs for elevation. This helps in reducing the swelling and improves circulation.  

  1. It helps when feeding your little ones: 

When nursing little ones, maternity pillows take the traditional U-Shape of nursing pillows as this helps babies feel closer to their mum, while mummy can comfortably feed her baby. They allow mothers to place the baby in the correct position and at the correct height for breastfeeding. They also reduce the strain on the arms, shoulders and back while feeding especially when the baby becomes heavier.

After feeding, the nursing pillow can be used to prop up babies to help reduce any reflux that might happen after feeding. 

Should you not wish to resort to a traditional, big nursing pillow, Theraline’s Nursing Roll Pillows offer the same support. Being smaller in size, they are easier to carry around. 

  1. Bonus: You can use it for babies too! 

Maternity and nursing pillows are a great investment as they can also be used for babies such as Theraline’s original pillow which can also be used as a nest for newborn babies. Nursing pillows are also perfect to be used for tummy time activities and to help prop little ones to prevent reflux or to aid older babies to learn to sit independently. Always make sure that you are there to assist. 

Other important things to look for in a Pillow: 

  1. Easy to clean fabrics - having a removable cover is a plus

  2. Supportive filling - a firm filling will provide optimal support 

  3. Flexibility and comfort 

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