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Bottle Warmers

Bottle Warmers
Baby blender, 5 functions for fast and healthy cooking! 5 functions: steaming, mashing, heating, bottle warmer, bottle / teat sterilizationA quick healthy meal Taste and vitamins are retained Easy to operate via display Automatic shut-off after 40 minutes Easy to clean BPA freeYou want ..
Very fast heating - power 500W gradual and evenly heating of baby food, breast milk or formula preserves vitamins and nutrients temperature adjustable easy to use large reservoir for almost all bottle sizes and jars stay-warm function boil-dry protection..
Alecto Baby BW700BK Fast digital bottle warmer for heating, sterilization and defrostingRapid heating, sterilization and defrosting (power 500W) Easy to operate via display Available in the colour white and blackThis bottle warmer can heat, sterilize and thaw and is an asset to your home. Warmer..
An asset for new parents! The Alecto BW700TWIN fast and digital double bottle warmer is a real asset in your home. With a power of 512 Watts, the device can quickly heat up, sterilise and defrost two bottles at the same time! Give your child a good start in terms of nutrition with the BW700TWIN, bec..
heats, sterilises and defrosts quickly (power 500W) easy to use through display prests warming for - quick warming slow warming defrosting sterilisingadjustable for preheated or cold food clear display with timer auto off preserves vitamins and nutrients in food and milk include..
This compact bottle and jar warmer is made of durable neoprene and features a unique heating element for a quick and even heating of baby food. The shape adapts to any bottle. Thus, the contents are heated quickly and evenly. The Feed Me fits any car cup holder due to its small size or can be attach..
Miniland Super 6 Miniland Super 6
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6-in-1 bottle warmer, steriliser and steamer. A multi-purpose appliance to perform endless tasks easily and practically: heat baby bottles and baby food gradually, steam-sterilise and defrost up to 6 baby bottles, cook eggs and steam greens while retaining their goodness, keep baby bottles and jars ..
Includes 8 Advanced Anti-Colic baby bottles – designed to reduce colic symptoms Unique anti-colic straw draws air away from milk for less wind, reflux and discomfort Heat sensing technology turns straw pink when baby's feed is too hot Electric Steriliser sterilises five bottles in five minutes Elect..
Included inside:1 x Advanced Electric Steriliser,1 x Bottle and Food Warmer,1 x Bottle and Teat Brush,1 x 0-6m Soother,1 x Teat Tongs,2 x Insulated Bottle Bag,4 x Milk Powder Dispensers, 4 x 150ml Baby Bottles,4 x 260ml Baby Bottles,..
€159.00 €179.00
Set includes:1 x Electric Advanced Steriliser1 x Electric Bottle and Food Warmer2 x Insulated bottle bags4 x 260 ml bottles with slow flow teats4 x 150 ml bottles with slow flow teats4 x Milk powder dispenser1 x Teat tongs1 x Bottle and Teat Brush1 x 0-6m Soother..
€159.00 €179.00
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