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Neno Lactation Massager Pesca

Neno Lactation Massager Pesca

Neno Pesca – lactation massager
• helps with breast fullness
• improves milk flow from the breast
• increases the quantity of milk flowing out
• reduces the sensation of breast pain
• helps to empty the breast
• helps with relactation

The Neno Pesca features:
• 2 heating levels
• 5 types of vibrations
• 3 vibration intensity levels

SUPPORTS NATURAL FEEDING Neno Pesca is an innovation in the category of lactation support products. The massager supports a normal, physiological flow of breast milk. The device can be applied to and around the breast. The product is suitable for all mothers who are breastfeeding or expressing breast milk with a breast pump.

IMPROVES MILK FLOW FROM THE BREAST You can use Neno Pesca when you observe a slower flow of milk from your breast and the breast is not engorged. Give yourself a gentle massage towards the nipple at your chosen intensity to improve the flow of milk from the breast.

SOOTHING WARMTH Neno Pesca is a product that not only massages but also soothingly warms. Applying heat to the breast can help it to empty effectively, especially if you express breast milk with a breast pump. Neno Pesca is a real time saver for mums, because it increases the amount of milk flowing out.

HELPFUL IN MILK STASIS, HELPFUL IN BREAST FULLNESS Neno Pesca will be helpful in breast fullness. The device will alleviate discomfort. Its gentle vibration will help to empty the breast of breast milk.

2 HEATING LEVELS, 5 TYPES OF VIBRATIONS, 3 VIBRATION INTENSITY LEVELS The Neno Pesca is a lactation massager with 2 levels of heating of the milk ducts, 5 types of vibration and 3 levels of adjusting their intensity. With so many possibilities to personalise the operation of the device, you are assured of choosing the mode to suit your preferences.

SILKY SMOOTH TOUCH The Neno Pesca is made of extremely soft silicone. It is silky smooth and brings a gentle touch to woman’s breasts. Using the massager makes lactation easier every day.

RE LACTATION Relactation is the return to breastfeeding after the milk production has stopped. Warm compresses and gentle stroking of the breast towards the nipple are recommended when the mother wants to resume lactation.

IPX 7 A water massage helps with stagnant milk. Neno Pesca has a waterproof design, so you can use it while taking a relaxing bath. Cleaning the massager is quick and easy. All you need to do is to wash it using mild soap.

MAGNETIC CHARGER The device is powered by a magnetic charger, so you can charge it easily and quickly.

LONG-LASTING ACTION 60 MIN You can use the device at maximum operation (heating and vibration) even up to 60 minutes.

ELEGANT POUCH The Neno Pesca kit contains a massager, a magnetic charger and a special velvet pouch which helps to store the device. Now you can take it everywhere!


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