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Neno Breast Milk Storage Bags 20pc

Neno Breast Milk Storage Bags 20pc

Expressing the milk directly to the storage bag
It is easier than you thought! Convenient connector, compatible with all our breast pumps lets you quickly and hygienically express the milk directly to storage bag. 

Compatible with all neno breast pumps.
Thanks to connector, which is a part of the set, you can easily express the milk directly to the storage bag. Each Neno breast pump is compatible with the adapter – the only thing you have to do before start expressing the milk is connecting the breast pump, the adapter and the storage bag.

Freezing option
You can storage the milk in your freezer up to 6 months in the temperature between -20°C and -18°C. Remember not to refreeze the milk and not to fill the storage bag more than recommended level as the bags get bigger during the freezing process.
Neno storage bag is ideal for keeping the milk in your fridge. There is a special place to note the name, the date and the time of expressing the milk. Additionally, the prepared scale enables you to measure the quantity of milk.
Under control
Neno is the most often recommended brand by mothers, midwifes and lactation consultants. Our products are created for parents to simplify their everyday life and to help them with seizing the day. 

Hermetic closure
Functional screw cup let you close the bag quickly and hermetically and open it efficiently to feed the baby when necessary. In contrast to zip bags, convenient screw cup guarantees the highest hygiene level while protecting the milk 

Neno breast milk storage bags were made from high quality material without BPA in order to protect the mums and their children. The material is both durable and sensitive, fully safe for the milk

Our breast milk storage bags are ideal for defrosting. Just put them into the bottle warmer and set the defrosting program

Full set
In our set you will find 20 breast milk storage bags with screw cups and the adapter to express the milk from your breast directly to the bag.
Instruction manual is included.

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