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Hauck Gate Open n Stop 2 White

Hauck Gate Open n Stop 2 White
Possibile protection area
  • 75 - 80 cm (gate without extensions)
Extension possibilities
  • 9 cm Extension
  • 21 cm Extension
  • Y-Spindle
Optional protection area
  • 75 - 80 cm (gate without extensions)
  • 84 - 89 cm (Gate + 9 cm Extension)
  • 93 - 98 cm (Gate + 9 cm + 9 cm Extension)
  • 96 - 101 cm (Gate + 21 cm Extension)
  • 105 - 110 cm (Gate + 9 cm + 21 cm Extension)
  • 117 - 122 cm (Gate + 21 cm + 21 cm Extension)
Safety Gate height77 cm
Special features
  • Easy to assemble without drilling
  • Extendable

Safe to open and manual locking

Easy opening and closing


The safety gate can be easily opened with one hand on both sides and safely locks in place when closed.



Pressure fit gate for standard doors and stairs

The barrier-free metal safety gate is suitable for stairs or doors with a width of 75 to 80 cm. Thanks to the adjusting screws, you can clamp it in place quickly and stably.


Expandable with separate extensions

With the separately available 9-cm and 21-cm extensions, you can extend the safety gate to 122 cm and use it for numerous staircases and doors that do not have standard dimensions.


Separate Y-spindles for stairs with round stringers

The safety gate can also be mounted on banisters with round stringers without drilling using the hauck Y-spindles.


Clamping gate with pressure fastening

Whether at home, at the grandparents, or on holiday – thanks to the pressure fastening with adjusting screws, the child gate can be easily removed and mounted in just a few simple steps.


Self-adjusting gate

The initial skewed position/gap in the area of the locking mechanism is eliminated by tightening the four fixing screws. This makes secure, stable fastening possible.


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