Baby nests or as many people call them: baby pods or baby cocoons are a mattress with raised sides offering a narrow and cosy sleeping environment for your little one. By time, Baby Nests are becoming super popular as they are portable, practical for parents and comfortable for babies. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a Baby Nest

  1. Assures safe co-sleeping 
    You can place your baby between you and your partner using a baby nest for a safe**, supervised rest. 
  2. Gives newborns a sense of security 
    Whether you are at home or travelling, a baby nest gives your little one their own cosy space.
  3. Wraps & comforts newborn resulting in a calm & soothing sleep 
  4. Provides additional padding and support for little ones
  5. Can be placed anywhere
    You can use your baby nest in the baby's cot, co-sleeper, cradle, travel cot, on a carpet, on the sofa; practically anywhere! 

Our  Tiny Star  Baby Nests are made of 100% cotton and filled with hypo-allergenic material making them suitable for babies who are prone to allergies.  Available in stock in different designs to compliment any modern nursery. 

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**Important: Always make sure that the baby nest is placed at adult head-level and never leave your baby unsupervised