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Bestway Swim Safe Baby Float Size 1 0-11kgs

Bestway Swim Safe Baby Float Size 1 0-11kgs

Swim Safe ABC™ WonderSplash™ round 3-ring inflatable float.

This Step A float is designed to help your child master the basics of swimming and pool safety, allowing them to get used to being in the water with the extra comfort and support they need. The nappy-shaped bottom allows your child to slide their feet through the holes into the water and sit up as they float.

With its bright, eye-catching yellow colour and easy to inflate, deflate and store, the Swim Safe ABC WonderSplash Round 3-Ring Baby Float is easy to stow away for baby's next day of fun!


- Cute graphics

- Ideal for babies who are just starting to get into the water

- Nappy style seat keeps children comfortable and safe

- The product is dedicated to the 0-1 age group

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