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Grain & Ivory

Grain & Ivory
This multifunctional Babycocoon Nest ensures your baby's safe and restful sleep Babycocoon can be used in the bed between parents, in the baby's cot, cradle or pram.  Babycocoon assures safe co-sleeping - recommended position is at adult headlevel The cocoon wraps and comforts the baby, resulting..
Tiny Star Babyhorn Swaddle Blanket Grain & Ivory Tiny Star Babyhorn Swaddle Blanket Grain & Ivory
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Your baby needs special closeness and a sense of security, especially in the first days after birth!  The babyhorn swaddle is a product known for a long time and eagerly chosen by mums. The special design makes the baby tightly wrapped in a fabric that is pleasant to the skin, ensuring a sense of se..
Tiny Star Fedding Pillow Grain Tiny Star Fedding Pillow Grain
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A comfortable pillow that makes it easier for mom to feed her baby. It has a croissant shape, is soft and stable at the same time. It increases the comfort of feeding the baby, relieves the mother's back, allows you to maintain the correct posture of the spine, thus reducing neck and neck tension.  ..
Wrap Blanket helps keeping your baby warm while ensuring safe travel. The baby wrap features slots were the harness can go through so you can fasten your little one safely. Can be used in Carseats, Strollers, Bouncers, Swings.... Wrap is comfortable in use, making outings easier. Features a cute hoo..
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