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Insect Nets & Repellers
Accessory - Nattou Mosquito Net for Travel Cots
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Mosquito net with arches for travel cots. Universal fits travel cots measuring 60x120cm...
highly effective against flying insects easy to use - plug in electrical outlet harmless for humans and pets - no odour or chemicals suitable for spaces up to 30m2/70m3 special blue UV light lures insects in ultra silent fan sucks insects inside collection tray easy to empty and clean lower power co..
attracts insects with UV light and sucks them into a basket does not use:  ultrasound high voltage gas toxics basket is easy to empty and clean quiet and energy saving fan for 24/7 use can be used in rooms up to 60m3 suitable for outdoor use if placed under shelter including: power adapter with ..
This Insect Net has elasticated edging and can fit most strollers, prams and carrycots so it is useful wherever you are with your little one...
Universal Mosquito net for Pushchairs available in White Pink and Blue..
Leave baby safe without worrying about curious pets entering the cot. Comes complete with securing ties. For ease of use and removal the net works better on cot beds which are not pushed up against a wall. Fits cot beds of approximate dimensions: 135cm Long x 67cm Wide x 67cm drop to bottom of matt..
The Clippasafe Cot Bed Cat Net is very strong and the open weave mesh helps to prevent cats and other animals getting near your child as they sleep. Size Cm.: 150cm x 75cm x 75cm...
Features:Super convenient for travelingEco Friendly Insect Killer5.5 x 3.5 x 1.5cm  ..
Wrist band will keep pesky mosquito at bay without the need for potentially irritating creams or spray. Colours. Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink..
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