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40 Days Maternity pads are extra-long and comfortably padded to give confident and secure protection for the natural blood loss experienced after giving birth...
Comfort with confidence For maximum dryness Unique four layered construction for ULTRA absorbency, comfort and dryness. Feel confident and relaxed • Anti slip with adhesive tapes • Developed with breastfeeding expert • Hygienic • Silky soft feel • Soft with discreet, contoure..
Maternea Anti-Stretch Mark Cream 150ml Maternea Anti-Stretch Mark Cream 150ml
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Stretch marks are in-depth tearing of the skin tissue. They form due to rapid stretching of skin and hormonal changes which hinder the supply of collagen and elastin to the dermis. Once they have appeared, stretch marks will never fade away entirely, and prevention is therefore essential.Maternea An..
After that special moment, the birth of the baby, the body and skin need lots of extra support to return to their normal shape and healthy state.Maternea Firming Body Cream contains a complex of active ingredients, which helps the skin regain its firmness and tone after birth, and reduces signs of c..
Maternea Breast Firming Cream 125ml Maternea Breast Firming Cream 125ml
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The skin on the breasts and décolletage is extremely delicate and not very elastic. Since there are no well-developed muscles in the breasts, the beauty and firmness of your chest depend entirely on the condition of the skin. During pregnancy the breasts increase in size, and it is essential to help..
As pregnancy progresses, fluid retention and organ compression are the main reasons for swollen legs. In addition, circulation is affected by the extra weight that is carried.Maternea Cooling & Relaxing Gel for Legs is the perfect solution for tired and heavy legs, especially in the last months of t..
During pregnancy the skin is being stretched enormously and the increased level of hormones affects its normal regeneration. The skin becomes dryer, more sensitive and sometimes even itchy, and needs special care with intense nourishment to preserve its elasticity.Maternea’s Elasticity Oil contains ..
Hormonal imbalances decrease the body’s natural defences and can cause vaginal discomfort such as infections, redness, itching and burning. To avoid such problems, proper intimate hygiene and special daily care in maintaining optimal pH levels are essential.Maternea Intimate Gel is specially formula..
Maternea Nutri-Calming Nipple Balm 20ml
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Breastfeeding is the most natural way of feeding your baby, but inexperienced mothers often encounter problems, which can sometimes lead to nipples’ skin drying out. An incorrect latch or feeding position, but also baby’s saliva, personal wash products and certain types of clothing can cause sore an..
Hormone fluctuations often lead to dry skin. Regular body washes and shower gels contain soap and irritating ingredients, and their use can worsen the skin’s condition and lead to itching, tightness and discomfort.Marernea Shower Oil contains carefully selected ingredients that gently cleanse and at..
Cellulite, or so called ‘orange peel skin’, often occurs during pregnancy.  The body’s natural protective reaction to store fat results in an imbalance in cell metabolism, circulation and oxygen supply. Unfortunately, the process of trying to reduce cellulite requires time and persistence!Warming An..
Ultra-absorbent breast pads. Contoured to fit. Thin and discreet. Silky soft lining. Non-slip. Breathable material...
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