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Hauck Safe Gate Open n Stop White

Hauck Safe Gate Open n Stop White

The safety gate Open'n Stop offers child-friendly safety at home.  The metal gate is clamped by pressure mounting between walls or doorways. Drilling and screwing is not necessary.
All Hauck Gates can be opened in any direction and automatically close and lock by themselves, eliminating the danger of a gate left open. No need to turn and close the gate yourself. 

 The Open'n Stop Safety Gate is SGS-certified and offers optimum safety. 
The Open'n Stop Safety Gate is suitable for widths from 75 to 81 cm and has a two-fold manual locking mechanism. It can be opened with one hand and locks reliably in a childproof closure.
With separately available extensions, the gate can be individually extended.

Opening dimensions with extensions: 
with extension: 9 cm = opening widths from 84 to 90 cm 
with extension of 9 cm + 9 cm = opening widths from 93 to 99 cm 
with extension of 21 cm = opening widths from 96 to 102 cm 
with extensions of 21 cm + 21 cm = opening widths from 117 to 123 cm 
with extensions: 9 cm + 21 cm = opening widths from 105 to 111 cm 

Gate Height : 77cm

Special highlight:  Should one have a stair railing with round bars, then you can attach the safety gate next to the extensions of 9 and 21 cm and the Y-spindles (separately available). 

This item is a self-adjusting gate.
This means that the inclination of the side part is eliminated by tightening the locking screws in the frame.
This way, a secure hold and a parallel fixation of the side parts in the region of the closing mechanism is enabled.

  • Pressure fixed

    Pressure fixed 

  • Can be opened to both sides

    Can be opened to both sides 

  • 2 x extendable (optionally)

    2 x extendable (optionally) 

  • Wipeable



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